Condo Construction that Withstands the Test of Time

As a condo remodeling contractor in Sarasota, Westin Hills has what it takes to transform your space into a dream home. Our years of experience gives us an unsurpassed eye for detail and a keen ability to give you exactly what you want. Being meticulous helps us resolve space challenges in innovative and visually stunning ways. This includes finding unique ways to maximize space in every inch of your condo!

Our goal is to create a home environment that not only exceeds your expectations, but inspires you on a daily basis.

Why we are experts in Condo Remodeling?

We understand that remodeling a condo is like building a ship in a bottle, when other ships already share the bottle. We embrace the many facets involved with conducting ourselves in a “community” like environment. This environment frequently involves interacting with the management, other condo owners and maintenance staff. We have also mastered the art of material delivery, material staging, subcontractor parking and maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of common areas. We know there are many condo remodelers out there, but there is only one Westin Hills.

It’s All about the Details

We understand the concerns condo owners face when remodeling a condo. We draw on our experience and expertise to guide you and keep you informed through out the entire process. The result is a condo you can proudly call your home — a living space that is completely tailored to your lifestyle and individual needs. It’s all in the details, and we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that the work is completed in a timely fashion, within your budget, and to your satisfaction.

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