I first met Jeremy Peterson in late 2013 when I asked him, along with two other contractors, to bid on a large renovation project I was planning.

I selected Westin Hills because they were the most thorough, knowledgeable, and dependable of the contractors throughout the bidding process. When they committed to doing something they did it. Jeremy didn’t try and convince me that everything would be cheap and easy. Instead, he patiently explained the issues and challenges associated with the project and went to great lengths to help me understand everything. His actual written bid was highly detailed.

When we agreed to move forward, everything was carefully reviewed and documented. Besides a few very minor issues, everything went exactly as he said it would and the quality of work was outstanding. Jeremy & his team were very easy to work with and always responded quickly whenever I had questions and they proactively brought important things to my attention that I would not have otherwise known to address.

The project was completed on time, on budget, and with no disagreements or misunderstandings. Jeremy stayed directly involved until every last little item on the punch list was resolved and completed.

We are very pleased with Jeremy & his team’s work and would absolutely recommend Westin Hills to anyone for any project without hesitation.